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For all ages

Lake Retreat was established in 1946 by Converge Northwest (Formerly the Columbia Baptist Conference). Lake Retreat's programs and guests include individuals, families and churches as well as organizations ranging from non-profit Christian groups to public schools. Over 15,000 individuals from infants to retired seniors enjoy the many events and programs which we sponsor and host during the year.

It's about the experience

Every year, hundreds of people come to Lake Retreat with broken lives and hurting hearts.  Retreats and camps move individuals out of the hectic race of life and into a different environment which can cause them to see life and circumstances in fresh ways. Lives change when people get away to places like Lake Retreat and we consider it our mission to touch every hurting heart in some way, even it's only through an overdue rest.

The programs offered by its many users provide educational experiences regarding spiritual growth, understanding nature and many forms of personal development.

Student opportunity



Lake Retreat is also the home of Adelphia Bible School. Adelphia Bible School is a gap-year education experience that uniquely equips college age students to make the most of their life and faith. Combining practical biblical instruction, an inspiring community, and real-life opportunities to put faith into action, the Adelphia experience will prepare students for a lifetime of success in any endeavor.